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Ballan Bonanza

The new college timetable was seen today. It has good and bad aspects to it. It does allow for a kayak fishing session on Mondays which is a good start. Some of the other days look promising too!

After a slow session yesterday evening I decided to try a different area in Galway Bay. It was an area I had launched from before but instead of the usual reef that gets targeted I decided to head further out, focusing on the water around a rocky outcrop that gets used as a resting place for gulls and shag.

Having never fished this part before, I figured that there would be rough ground surrounding the island. The echo-sounder confirmed this and I started fishing articulated soft plastics with the hope of connecting with a few feisty pollock. First cast and the rod arched over; a promising start. The fish took line from the tightly set drag and dived into the cover of the weed. Steady pressure pulled it out and before long the first fish of the day was ready to be brought aboard, a lovely ballan wrasse of a couple of pounds in weight.

the first hint of finding a ballan bonanza

A quick photograph later and with the fish returned to its home, I cast my lure for the second time. Two turns of the reel handle started the rod thumping as the next wrasse hit the bait sending a shock up the line to the angler reminiscent of an electrical charge. Wrasse fishing is incredible fun for the sheer power and stubborn nature of the fish. Striking into this second fish, it also dived for the weeds but I was prepared this time after tightening the clutch right up. Soon beaten, photographed and returned, I couldn’t help but smile to myself.

The afternoon was shaping up to be a good one. I think I stumbled on a cracking mark that is too far out of range for the shore anglers and overlooked by boater due to the undulating bottom which exposes propeller destroying rocks as the tide ebbs; jackpot! The following hour and a half played out in the same fashion with a hard scrapping ballan wrasse hitting the lure on almost every single cast. The average size of fish was as impressive as their fight. The smallest fish for the day was no less than 1.5lbs. Really fun and enjoyable fishing.

a break in the clouds illuminates this wrasse

Ballan wrasse live over rough ground and their fins are huge in comparison to the rest of their proportions. This tells us that they should be good for a fight and indeed they are. Often overlooked because they are not deemed to be a palatable species, they provide me with a lot of enjoyment when they are hooked. For the uninitiated, you should give them a go. Any rough ground from the shore should hold them and by using a kayak it will allow you get to the areas where most can’t reach, putting you within touching distance of the better fish. I’ll be giving them another go before the water temperatures start to drop.

smallest of the day

yet another hard fighting wrasse

another wrasse puts a smile on my face

the last wrasse of the session


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