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It has been a while since I have done any sort of fishing. Finishing up college saw me very busy for a few days while I tried to sort myself out with some work.

Work quickly presented itself but along with it came a house move and all the fun that entails. It could be worse; I moved to Kerry. The Kingdom certainly does not disappoint when it comes to scenery and almost every direction you look in provides a wonderful backdrop for angling and angling photos!

Casting into the surf with the wee man

With moving house I had to put the fishing on the back-burner for a while. A few failed meetings which were scuppered by weather and wind meant that I couldn’t get out on the water with a couple of people visiting the area and a mixed schedule has made it impossible to meet with a couple of local anglers so far.

Today I thought I had my opportunity and indeed I did but it would be a departure from the norm and would see a trip that was very much back to basics. No kayaks; I was to be accompanied by the wee man. He certainly seemed to enjoy himself as he looked on at me casting and fishing lures. What better place for a child than outdoors, away from screens and toys and enabling them to experience and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature?

The wee man looks like a natural angler

As it turned out, the couple of hours by the water produced no fish. Onshore winds left a lot of weed on the beach which made the fishing difficult to say the least. Even the ‘weedless’ Black Minnows and ‘weedless’ rigged Senkos were pulling the stuff in. Although I haven’t been shore fishing in many years, the omnipresent weed quickly reminded me of one of the benefits of the kayak – I can just paddle out past it!

It was great to be out by the salt again and great to get the little man outdoors and grabbing for the fishing rod. Back at the house “Crab Hotel” (bait fridge and freezers) has been set up in the utility room and already has seventy or so guests present, cooling off from the warm weather! It shouldn’t be long before the kayak gets afloat again.

The residents are a little crabby!

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