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Gary Robinson cradles a big pike from county Monaghan
Formative Years

Having grown up in a seaside town, Gary Robinson has been interacting with aquatic environments for as long as he can remember. Starting his career as an angler at an early age, he made himself at home on the mountain streams and lakes in his home county, fishing with crude tackle and techniques.

His early angling saw him pursue small brown trout with worm baits. Over the next few years there was a natural gravitation towards sea trout that were seasonally running the area’s rivers. In time this led to trying fly fishing which he soon mastered, culminating in qualification to represent his country. This is probably the highlight of his time spent in the ‘competitive’ side of angling.


A lovely hybrid from the Royal Canal

Branching Out

A thirst for knowledge made him wonder what other creatures could be caught in Ireland. His local acidic mountain streams are host to a much smaller number of species than he wanted to learn about, observe and catch! As life moved on, Gary varied the styles of fishing that he practiced almost as much as he varied the variety of species that he started to seek out.

Once he learned how to drive he had access to any game, coarse and sea fishing opportunities that Ireland has to offer. Marine or freshwater, if it has fins Gary will try to catch it. Comfortable utilising almost any style of rod and line fishing and with the capture of many fine specimens across each angling discipline, it would be fair to acknowledge that he is an accomplished all rounder.


A May bank holiday haul of Tench from the Royal Canal

Discovering Kayak Fishing

Gary discovered the thrill, freedom and pure joy of kayak fishing almost by accident. After purchasing kayaks with the intention of paddling trips with his long-suffering partner, he started to assess the suitability of such a craft as a fishing platform. Some internet searches showed him that he was not alone in his thoughts.

America and Australia already had blossoming populations of kayak anglers. Needing no more encouragement, he set about rigging his first sit on top kayak and transforming it into a fishing platform to gain access to some of the more inaccessible waters. Now into his seventh year of kayak fishing he shows no sign of slowing down.


At Present

At just the wrong side of thirty years old, Gary is a full time student at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology where he is studying for an Honours Degree in Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology. He writes regular articles for printed angling publications both in Ireland and the UK. He also contributes some work towards angling websites. He occasionally participates in youth and outreach programmes, helping to introduce the joy of fishing to others. He utilises any spare time that he gets by going fishing and taking photographs. Fishing – for some it’s a hobby, for Gary it’s an obsession!

Gary Robinson shows off the mean end of a lesser spotted dogfish

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